DJ & Producer E-nexxion is making some noise with his fresh approach to electronic dance music. An individual DJ who is able to 'control the crowd' and dominating the Dutch club scene for over three years with his sounds. E-nexxion can can be seen as an individual DJ who takes you on a trip, where euphoric melodies, dirty beats and imaginative basslines reside in a land of House, Progressive and Electro. E-nexxion is a purveyor of a new sound that has is rooted firmly in the Big room, Progressive and Electro sound, but draws on influences from far and wide.

E-nexxion was infected by the “house virus” when he heard several Royal Dutch House anthems at a school dance in 2000. The first meeting with disk jockeying was somewhere in 2002 with help of a good friend. This beginning DJ team did several gigs from 2005 till 2009 in the East of the Netherlands and expand their horizon in these wonderful years. In 2010 DJ E-nexxion (Niels E.) decided he was skilled enough to make his first individual public appearance. A couple of clubs gave him the opportunity to craft his skills. All those hours of practicing paid off and helped him evolve his unique sounds and beats in the big room, progressive and electro sound.

At this point of time E-nexxion is constantly working in his studio and expressing himself and his music to a worldwide audience. It is now waiting for his first big break.

E-nexxion music